About me

Nice to meet you! I am Charlotte, a lover of simple, home-cooked and natural foods, based in Brussels.

Originally of German-Dutch descent, I feel most at home in the southern spheres of Europe where olive trees grow and lemons and garlic are a staple in the kitchen.

Food means a lot to me in many ways. With a father travelling the globe for as long as I can think and a great home cook at that, family meals were always an important event to keep us connected. However simple a meal may have been, I don’t recall many bad ones we shared. Ingredients were – and still are – carefully chosen, turning every simple pasta dish into a real pleasure.

With the essential early-morning question of ‘What should we eat tonight?’ at the beginning of the day, let alone the wonderful smells from our kitchen, it doesn’t come as a surprise that food and cooking drew my attention early on. It started out as an obsession with baking when I was twelve and, with all its different phases, evolved into the way I cook and eat today.

While I used to be rather health-unconscious when it came to food, using whatever quantities of sugar and cream a recipe (or my cravings) called for, a visit at a natural health care professional and his urgent request to revisit my nutrition and health habits triggered my interest in a healthier, more natural and conscious way of eating.

I couldn’t always give my love for food the right place in my life, yet, it has always been around, patiently waiting for its suitable role to play.

And this is how this blog comes in (plus a kick in the butt by two dear people in my life), a place where I can share what I love to cook and eat. If you’d like to learn a bit more about what flavourable is about, read on.


About flavourable

flavourable is all about a balanced way to eat, full of flavour and favour. 🙂 Healthy eating for me is not a diet in the traditional sense, something you have to force yourself to sustain. It’s a way of eating that comes easily as it simply makes you feel good. Balance is what I strive for, no rigid self-deprivation and calorie-counting that leaves you joy-less and frustrated. Eating should be pleasurable and nourishing.

With an increasing awareness of how we feed ourselves, I love to see the revival of home-cooked food. It allows us to be in charge of what we’re preparing our food with and naturally comes with better health and energy levels just as a stable, healthy body weight. Besides, cooking at home goes easy on your wallet.

On the blog I share what I like to eat on a daily basis, that is mostly vegetarian food, prepared with fresh, organic fruit and vegetables and often a touch of dairy. I enjoy simple, but tasty food that doesn’t take too much time to prepare and try to come up with healthier variations of traditional dishes that I love.

I’d be very happy if you find some inspiration here, make suggestions or give me feedback on the recipes.

With love,



*All photos are taken by myself, unless otherwise stated.

*Photo credit picture above: Iro Biehler